Les jurys Fipresci de l’année

Liste des Festivals Internationaux de Cinéma où la Fipresci organise un jury

Cette liste est donnée à titre indicatif




Palm Springs (USA, January). The jury (five members) awards the “International Critics’ Prize for the Best Official Foreign Language Film of the Year”. Important: Candidates should have seen a maximum of submissions (mostly shown at the major festivals) – at least 25 to 30 (among over 50)

Dhaka (Bangladesh, January, biennial).

Tromso (Norway, January). International festival high up in the North. Three members (Europe)

Rotterdam (The Netherlands, January/February). Worldwide independent cinema. Our jury (five members, worldwide) focuses on the Tiger Awards section

Göteborg-Gothenburg (Sweden, January). International festival, with a large section of Nordic films (on which our jury focuses). Three members (Europe only)

Mumbai (India, Documentary Film Festival, biennial).

Berlin (Germany, February). Three prizes, for a film each in the competitive section, in Panorama and Forum. Nine members . Invitations are only available for (young) colleagues focusing on the parallel sections (Panorama, Forum). For the competition-subjury, experienced colleagues should apply who are anyhow attending the festival

Fribourg (Switzerland, March). Films from “three continents”: Africa, Asia, Latin America. One prize (competition). Five jurors (worldwide). Our colleague Edouard Waintrop’s last year as head of the festival

Sofia (Bulgaria, March). International festival with a special interest in Balkan cinema (including Bulgaria). Three jurors (from Europe)

Guadalajara (Mexico, March). Ibero-American cinematographies (Latin America plus Spain and Portugal). Three to five jurors (worldwide, also and in particular from other Latin American countries)

Thessaloniki – Thessalonica (Greece, March). Documentary film festival (“Images of the 21st Century”). Three jurors (Europe only). In particular for connaisseurs of the documentary film genre

Hong Kong (March/April). One prize, for a ‘young Asian film’. Three jurors (one from any non-Asian country, one from Asia, one from Hong Kong). The festival asked to lower the travel costs; needs to be negotiated. Fest head: our colleague Li Cheuk-to

Toulouse (France, March). “Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine” – Festival of Latin American Cinemas. One prize (section Découvertes – Discoveries). Three jury members (Europe only)

Istanbul (Turkey, April). Two prizes: international competition, Turkish Panorama. Six jury members (preferably from Europe)

Buenos Aires (Argentina, April). Independent world cinema. Three members (wordwide). The festival is headed by our colleague Sergio Wolf

Krakow – OFF Plus CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema (Poland, April). In 2011, we’ll have our first jury at this young festival dedicated to independent world cinema. Three jury members (Europe)

Lecce (Italy, April). Festival of European films. One prize (competition). Three jury members (Europe only)

Wiesbaden (Germany, April). go-East Film Festival (dedicated to Eastern European cinematographies). One prize (competition). Three jurors (Europe only)

San Francisco (USA, April/May). International festival. Our jury focuses on first and second features (one prize). Three jurors, from “not too far away countries” (one air ticket from Europe might be possible

Oberhausen (Germany, May). Traditional short film festival. One prize (competition). Three to five jurors (theoretically worldwide)

Ankara (Turkey, May). “Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival”. One prize (competition), three jurors (Europe only). Should especially attract our female colleages

Cannes (France, May). Three prizes: for a film in or out of competition; for a film in “Un Certain Regard”; for a film in “Quinzaine des Réalisateurs” and “Semaine de la Critique”. Nine members. No invitations (but facilities)

Seattle (USA, May/June). At this three weeks’ event, our jury (three members, worldwide) will be invited for around one week, to see American independent films

Krakow (Poland, May/June). Short film festivals. One prize (competition). Three jury members (Europe only)

Cluj – Transsilvania (Romania, May/June). International festival, with a focus on cinemas of the region. One prize. Three jurors, preferably from Europe

Troia (Portugal, June). International festival dedicated to small cinematographies. One prize (competition). Three to five jurors (Europe only)

Annecy (France, June). Animation film festival. One prize (competition). Three jurors (hotel invitation)

Moscow (Russia, June). International film festival. One prize (competition). Five jurors (worldwide)

Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic, July). International film festival, with a focus on Eastern European cinemas. One prize (competition). Five jurors (preferably but not exclusively from Europe)

Yerevan (Armenia, July). International festival. Our jury (three members, Europe and Asia) focuses on regional films (Caucasus, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Central Asia, and Armenia)

Motovun (Croatia, July/August)). International film festival. One prize (competition). Three jurors (Europe only)

Wroclaw (Poland, July). Young festival, with a good program of independent world cinema. Three jurors (Europe only)

Locarno (Switzerland, August). Independent world cinema. One prize (competition). Five jurors (hotel invitation)

Montreal (Canada, August). World Film Festival. One prize (international competition). Five to nine jurors (worldwide, big national dailies only)

Venice (Italy, August/September). International film festival. Two prizes: for a film in or out of competition, and for a film in “Horizons” or the Critics Week. Nine jury members (hotel invitations)

Toronto (Canada, September). Our jury (six members, worldwide) decides two prizes: for a film in the “Special Presentations” series; and for a film in the “Discovery” section

Perm (Russia, October). Flahertiana – Documentary Film Festival. Three jury members (specialists of the documentary film genre)(from Europe, an air ticket from an Asian country could be possible)

Riga (Latvia, Arsenals, September, biennial). Independent cinema. Three to five jury members (preferably Europe)

Astana / Almaty (Kazakhstan, September). If the festival “Eurasia” takes place again, and focuses again on central Asian cinemas, we should participate with our jury (we had our first jury there this year)

San Sebastian (Spain, September). International film festival. One prize (competition). Five members. In the last years, the festival had asked, from budget reason, to compose the jury mainly from colleagues being anyway present

Reykjavik (Iceland, September/October). Young festival of independent world cinema. One prize (competition), three jury members (from Europe)

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, September/October). International film festival. Our jurors see a selection of recent Latin American films. Five jury members (Europe, USA/Canada and Latin America)

Pusan (Korea, October). International film festival, with a strong emphasis on new Asian films. One prize (New Currents – young Asian cinema). Five jury members (worldwide)

Oslo (Norway, October). Films from the South: Africa, Asia, Latin America. One prize (competition). Three jury members (Europe only)

Warsaw (Poland, October). International festival. Our jury sees first and second feature-length fiction films from Central and Eastern Europe. Three jurors (preferably Europe), one prize

Athens (Greece, October). Panorama of European films. One prize. Three jurors (Europe only). Fest head: Our colleague Ninos Feneck Mikelides

Vienna (Austria, October). Viennale – independent world cinema. One prize, to first (or first and second) filmmakers . Three to five jurors (in principle worldwide)

Kiev – Kyiv (Ukraina, October). “Molodist” international film festival, focusing on young cinema. One prize (competition)

Three jury members (probably with Aerosweet or Ukrainian Airlines only)

Valladolid (Spain, October/November). “Semana Internacional de Cine”. International festival with a special interest in Latin American cinematographies. One prize (competition). Three to five jury members (in principle worldwide)

Leipzig (Germany, October/November). Documentaries and animated films. One prize (competition). Three jurors (Europe only)

Genève (Switzerland, October/November). “Cinéma Tout Ecran – Festival International du Film et de la Télévision”. One prize (competition). Three jury members (Europe only)

Mar del Plata (Argentina, November). International festival, with a strong representation of Latin American films. One prize (Latin American competition). Three to five jurors (Europe or USA/Canada, Latin America, Argentina)

Cottbus (Germany, November). Festival of East European Cinema. One prize (competition). Five jury members (Europe only)

Ljubljana (Slovenia, November). International film festivals with a competition dedicated to new directors. One prize (competition). Three jury members (Europe only). Fest head: Our colleague Simon Popek

Thessaloniki – Thessalonica (Greece, November). Independent world cinema. One prize (competition), another prize for a film in the Greek panorama. Five jurors (in principle worldwide)

Stockholm (Sweden, November). International film festival with a special interest in Nordic films. Three jurors (preferably from Europe)

Mannheim-Heidelberg (Germany, November). Independent world cinema, showing European premieres only. One prize (competition). Five jurors (in principle worldwide)

Tallinn (Estonia, Black Nights Film Festival, November). Independent world cinema, and a good chance to see recent films of the Baltic republics. Three members (Europe)

Torino (Italy, November). Prestigious festival of new and young cinema. One prize (competition). Five jurors (in principle worldwide)

Gijón (Spain, November). Independent world cinema, a good selection in particular from the Americas. Three jurors, one prize (official selection). Air tickets are available from Europe preferably, a ticket from Latin America may be possible

Cairo (Egypt, November). Major event in the Arabic world. Our jury has five members (from Europe, Africa and Asia), who’ll focus on the festival’s international competition

Dubai (UAE, December). At this major event in the region, our jurors will get acquainted with the production of the Arab world. Five jury members, Europe or USA/Canada, Africa, Asia

Bratislava (Slovak Republic, December). Overview of recent world cinema. One prize (competition). Five jurors (Europe only)

Taipei (Taiwan, Golden Horse Film Festival, December). Focus on Chinese-language films. Three jury members (two from the region, one from Europe)

Havana (Cuba, December). “Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano – International Festival of the New Latinoamerican Cinema”. One prize (competition). Five jurors (from Europe and the US, and from Latin America). A basic knowledge of Spanish is advised

Kerala – Trivandrum (India, December). International film festival with a special interest in Third World cinematographies One prize (competition). Three jurors (one each from Europe, Asia and India)